Как остудить пиво за 3 минуты

How to Chill a Hot Beer or Soda in 3 Minutes

warm beerSo my father and brother-in-law were over this weekend for a barbecue. My fridge was stuffed with appetizers and salads so I was only able to fit a 12-pack of beer. Normally, this would have been enough so I didn’t worry about it. After a couple hours, the stash was depleted.

I did have some more beer in the garage but the 90+ degree Chicago heat had rendered it useless for at least an hour. Now what? These guys all had designated drivers and, in all honesty, they wanted more beer. Little did I know, the old man had a trick up his sleeve that I had never heard of. If I had a video camera ready, I would have taped this because it was pretty cool (sorry, no pun intended there).

Here is how he took beer from 80+ degrees to (seemingly) 40 degrees in about 3 minutes.

  1. He took 6 hot beers from my garage and he placed them into a steel pot from the kitchen
  2. He tossed in enough ice cubes to completely cover the beer
  3. He then filled the pot with water
  4. Next, and this is the trick, he tossed in (what must have been) 2 cups of table salt.
  5. He took a large wooden spoon and stirred this thing up to be sure the salt dissolved.
  6. He placed the concoction into the freezer and in 3 minutes we had ice cold beer.

Frankly, I wish I knew about this little trick years ago. Apparently this works for wine, soda, or anything. The addition of the salt does something that I am admittedly not qualified to explain. If we have any experts that want to weigh in, feel free. I do however know that this works.

Комплекс предотвращения наводнений, расположенный на окраине Токио. Любителям Half-Life посвящается.

Циклопические машины и чудовищно большие закрытые помещения, лежащие глубоко под землёй. Бетон, кабели и потёки ржавчины, решётчатые стальные лесенки. Многотонные двери с непонятными иероглифами и лужи, отражающие тусклый свет. Это всё не декорации нового фантастического триллера или скриншоты компьютерной игры — это самый крупный в мире комплекс предотвращения наводнений, расположенный на окраине Токио.


Возможно, по своему размеру это не самое крупное гидротехническое сооружение на планете, но бесспорно «одно из». А что делает его действительно уникальным, так это то, что все чудовищные туннели, ёмкости и насосные станции расположены глубоко под землёй.

Недавно сюда стали водить туристов и, говорят, посетители не могут отделаться от ощущения, что они попали внутрь гигантского корабля инопланетян или игры типа Half-Life.

Читать далее Комплекс предотвращения наводнений, расположенный на окраине Токио. Любителям Half-Life посвящается.

4 года постоянных тренировок могут сделать из вас Аполлона.



…и никаких диет.

Удивительные вещи делает Питер Каллесен из бумаги и не только…


About my work:

A common theme in many of my works is a reinterpretation of classical fairytales as well as a more general interest in memory in connection to childhood — for instance in my performances Castle, Folding and Jukebox. These playful performances exist in the lost land of childhood, between dream and reality and it is in this meeting or confrontation of these two conditions, in a kind of utopian embodiment, that these works of art become alive, often in a tragicomic way.

This interest for the romantic is extended in my later exhibitions White Shadows at Esbjerg Art Museum and From dust to dusk, but here with less focus on the confrontation between dream and reality leaving more space for the poetic aspect as well as the possibility of a reality behind or within the dream.

Lately I have been working almost exclusively with white paper in different objects, paper cuts, installations and performances. Some of these objects and installations are copies of stairs and ladders made out of thin paper. These works derive from my earlier work, Bridge and Still life, dealing with dreams and the impossible — but here in a more fragile and almost sublime version. The trashy style in earlier works is here exchanged with a more precise aesthetics. The work exists in the gab between the recognizable everyday object and the fragile and spherical condition and material in which it appears. The whiteness, the ideal pure copy of something real as well as the vertical direction coherent in most of my paper works, could also indicate the aspect of something platonic or religious.

Most recently I have started making white paper cuts/sculptures inspired by fairytales and romanticism exploring the relationship between two and three dimensionality, between image and reality. I find the materialization of a flat piece of paper into a 3D form as an almost magic process — or maybe one could call it obvious magic, because the process is obvious and the figures still stick to their origin, without the possibility of escaping. In that sense there is also an aspect of something tragic in most of the cuts.

A continual figure in my earlier performances and later drawings is The Dying Swan, who can be described as a hybrid between The Ugly Duckling and a human figure. The Dying Swan reveals different layers of identities, and often he strives for being somebody or somewhere else or tries to achieve the impossible — he is, however, always confronted with reality and failure. He is not only a symbolic character. In his interaction and power-play with the audience his physical presence often creates an intense and uncomfortable atmosphere. In the drawings The Dying Swan creates his own universe, where he seems to be trapped in impossible situations and circles, dealing with death, rebirth, self-creation, and -destruction.

Peter Callesen

Peter Callesen

Ved Linden 4, 3. tv

DK-2300 K?benhavn S


tel. + 45 33 23 87 07 / +45 28 72 65 21

e-mail: petercallesen@yahoo.com


Фолкерское колесо

Фолкерское колесо Вот каким способом подошли инженеры по соединению двух водных артерий в Шотландии. Это сооружение называется. Каким интересным способом перемещают корабли на верхнею артерию. И совсем не надо делать шлюзов выходит все очень просто и при этом создает фантастический пейзаж – чертово колесо для кораблей.