Web & Mobile Development for your Business

  • Agile development
  • Lean
  • Deadline guarantee
  • Actual technologies
  • High quality of the resultо
  • Satisfied customers
  • Solving business problems
We made the development of complicated projects simple and transparent.

We create on complete solutions - from the idea to its implementation and audience engagement. We stay with our clients after the delivery of the project (fix the emerging issues).

We know how to make customers to enjoy your product and to use it every day. We experienced in target audience … We know how to make customers to choose your product among others and to increase your profit.

Start your project with creating an interactive prototype!!!
1. Guaranteed investment.
2. Test you project on potential audience.
3. Saving development budget.

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Any questiins to us: [email protected]

IP GIS – workshop of exclusive web-projects. The aim of the development workflow is to save resources while achieving maximum result. We are looking for a individual solutions for every project.

We are looking for a individual solutions for every project. We work on the projects that doesn’t fit template solutions or they grow up from it. We are experienced in the latest marketing methods, we are developing projects considering further methods and channels of attracting clients. We are consulting complementary on targeting audience in the web. If you are not yet our client you still can ask us about your project and we’ll be happy to answer.

Our advantage is a maximum transparency during the development process. You can follow the development of your project in our tracker in realtime. Also you can click on the current version of your project at the demo-server..

The usage of agile development allows to complete work on time and fulfill all technical requirements and quickly find solutions for arising issues. The lean approach allows invest only in most important features for your project’s customers. We are creating MVP version first. We try to get feedback from the market as early as possible.

Our main agenda is working product of high quality that brings benefits for you and new interesting tasks for us.

We are a team passionate about our business and we do what we love, giving a create enjoy of our business and giving good reward.

Our team presentation